Hi, I am Casey!

Some of you may be familiar with my journey through my social media pages on Instagram @CaseyLovesFitness or from Facebook

My journey with health and fitness started at the very young age and has grown, expanded exponentially and hit obstacles and peaks in all the years since.

At 3 years old my mother placed me in my first ballet class, never knowing that for the next 17 years ballet would grow into a daily routine that had me in a ballet studio between 8 and 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. I fell so in love with the artistic outlet, structure and commitment that ballet gave to my life that I evolved around being the best ballerina I possibly could. But, as many people can imagine, not everything about the lifestyle of a ballerina is all that healthy. While I was given mandatory nutrition and health courses for how to live a “healthy life as a ballerina” I would later find myself questioning the purity and meaning of truly living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

At the age of 20 I made the difficult choice of quitting ballet and pursuing other passions I had; picking up and moving to Los Angeles to pursue fashion. Quitting ballet was the most difficult choice I had made at that point in my life. Ballet to me was as close to breathing in air as air itself- I felt my life existed for ballet, but I could no longer bare the burden of the health risks that being a professional ballerina placed on both my physical and mental health.I was forced to make the choice to live a truly healthy life or one that was “healthy” by the bias standards of the world I loved so deeply and had lived in for the majority of my life so far- my true health and happiness won.

My journey with fitness didn’t end but instead transformed, as I continued to hit the gym day in and day out trying to stay at the peak of health and fitness- as I knew it then. For the next 6 years I spent tireless hours in gyms doing endless amounts of cardio and sit- ups, while trying multiple different “nutritional” diet plans to help achieve the goals I had for my body, but all I could achieve was my usually skinny body shape.

But in early 2014 I was re-introduced to the world of fitness through a friend, which would turn out to be the beginning of the growing fitness world I have today. I had so many misconceptions and misinformation filed in my brain and body from the past 23+ years that I had to throw out all the old information and start from scratch. I decided early on in my new found journey with fitness that I wanted to set goals for myself that would really push me to learn and grow, so I started working at one of the best fitness gyms in LA and also got a personal training couch to help me get into shape for a bikini bodybuilding competition.

Shortly after starting the rigorous course and diet plans given to me from this highly-soughtafter couch, I quickly found myself losing bodyweight at an unhealthy rate and became so weak and ill that my doctor warned me that my fitness plan was risking and negatively impacting my health and wasn’t going to provide me the physical goals I desired for a healthy-fit-body. I was so unhappy that once again my journey for being healthy and reaching my fitness goals had actually lead me to have been doing the very opposite; I found myself knowing there was only one way that I could be sure that I was getting the facts and the right information for my body and that was to learn it all myself. Within the next few days that followed, I enrolled in the courses to become a Certified Personal trainer, purchased every fitness and health nutrition book I could find and began searching the internet for any and all information that could help me on my journey.

Today, I am a Certified Personal trainer to clients from all walks of life, each with different starting points, body types and goals and I couldn’t feel any more fulfilled and happy to be sharing what I am so passionate about with those around me who are searching for the same help and answers that I myself spent so long chasing after.

My hope is to be an outlet for those who are passionate about living a healthier lifestyle and achieving the highest goals they have for their bodies. I believe in the education and experiences I have because I have learned the hard way that while many people themselves may look “healthy” or “fit” and have the urge to help others, unfortunately doesn’t make them qualified to help.

I don’t want any one to have to go through making all the wrong choices- like I did. Having the tools, knowledge and experience have given me the opportunity to understand why someones body structure and health is the way it is and how to change it to achieve fitness and health goals in the most efficient way possible with the best results.