Did You Dye Co. // The Future Of For-Purpose Brands

2020 was certainly a year none of us will likely be forgetting about any time soon, and for me, one of the most memorable things that came out of the year was launching my sock company “Did You Dye”.

Did You Dye is a speciality-hand-dyed sock company that pairs our for-purpose mission of giving back to communities in need around the U.S. with our buy one- give one model; along side our unique designs created on the highest quality crew socks that bring’s to life our passion of being the inspiration that add smiles to faces around the world with each and every step.

Last year brought into perspective how necessary and powerful it is to invest in creating communities built on the love, support and compassion and my hope is the smiles that Did You Dye socks bring to faces around the world will be seeds that spread and grow into even more magical futures for us all.

Sometimes the best gifts are felt before they are seen and from the first pair of socks I created I could feel the impact from something most of us consider so basic- socks- and my hand dyed socks of all- was truly having on myself and nearly every person I walked by while wearing them. 

There is little magic in the creation of each pair socks, just a lot of love and a bit of time and skill, but feeling the excitement and joy that is a tangible response from the moment each pair is slipped on is something that may be best encompassed by the word-magic.

As we all have gotten 2021 kicked off to a great start to what is bound to be a year filled full of everything we love, I look forward to a future abundant with Did You Dye socks on the feet of as many smiling humans as possible!

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